salim ali bird sanctuary

salim ali bird sanctuary, Panaji

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary
Place Type : Wildlife Sanctuary
Category : Outing
Peak Season : Not Available
City : Panaji
State / District : Goa / Not Available
Category : Outing
Place Type : Wildlife Sanctuary
City : Panaji
State : Goa

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is an estuarine mangrove habitat which is declared as a bird sanctuary and located on western tip of the Island of Chorao along the river Mandovi, Goa, in India.

The sanctuary and island are accessed by a ferry service running between Ribander and Chorao. The sanctuary has a paved walk that runs between mangroves of Rhizophora mucronata, Avicennia officinalis and other species.

This Sanctuary is criss-crossed with a network of water channels. So movement is restricted to the duration of high tide if one wants to go by boats. However for canoes, the creeks are accessible even during low tides.

A watch-tower has been erected in the Sanctuary for better viewing of birds. Apart from the several resident birds, the Sanctuary also has some winter visitors like coots and pintails.

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Chorao, Goa 403102

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