bijapur, Bijapur

Place Type : Historical Place
Category : Outing
Peak Season : Winter
City : Bijapur
State / District : Karnataka / Bijapur
Category : Outing
Place Type : Historical Place
City : Bijapur
State : Karnataka
District : Bijapur
Peak Season : Winter

As a serene and famous historical town, Bijapur boasts of Deccan’s Islamic Era and its glories inherited. Bijapur, renamed as Vijapura in 2014, is a cultural hub and has plenty of mosques, mausoleums, palaces, and forts as offerings to travelers.

Bijapur is one of the popular tourist spots in Karnataka and a heart for the Lingayat brand of Shaivism. The Lingayat Siddeshwara Festival is celebrated with full splendor for eight days in January and February here.

Popular tourist destinations: Gol Gumbaz, Ibrahim Rauza, Malik-e-Maidan displaying Bara Kaman, Bijapur Fort, Jami Masjid, Gagan Mahal, and Upli Buruj are a must visit.

Nearest Railway Station: Bijapur has its own railway link by the name of Bijapur Railway Station.

Nearest Airport: Sambre Airport in Belgaum is the closest one and located at about 164 km from the city.

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