shivanasamudra falls

shivanasamudra falls, Mandya

Shivanasamudra Falls
Place Type : Waterfall
Category : Outing
Peak Season : July - October
City : Mandya
State / District : Karnataka / Mandya
Category : Outing
Place Type : Waterfall
City : Mandya
State : Karnataka
District : Mandya
Peak Season : July - October

The Sivanasamudram Falls is on the Kaveri River after the river has wound its way through the rocks and ravines of the Deccan Plateau and drops off to form waterfalls.

The island town of Shivanasamudra divides the river into twin waterfalls. This creates the fourth largest island in the rivers course. A group of ancient temples are located here and there likely was a village.

This is a segmented waterfall. Segmented waterfalls occur where the water flow is broken into two or more channels before dropping over a cliff, resulting in multiple side by side waterfalls. It has an average width of 305 meters, a height of 98 m, and an average volume of 934 cubic meters / sec.

The maximum recorded volume is 18,887 cubic meters / sec. It is a perennial waterfall. The time of best flow are the monsoon season of July to October.[

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Mandya District, Karnataka, India

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